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Piquia Marfim

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Piquia marfim Hardwood

Piquia marfim is a lesser known type of hardwood. Another name for this hardwood is Araracanga. Piquia marfim grows in tropical Central America and South America and is particularly suitable for wooden structures, posts, interior frames and floors. It is a pretty versatile piece of hardwood!

Durability class
Class 1.

Piquia marfim is suitable as construction wood, for decking, furniture, wooden posts, decking, turning, (parquet) floors, fencing and interior frames.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1100-1200 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 850-950 kg/m3.
The colour of Piquia Marfim wood is orange brown, light brown to light pinkish red.
The sapwood is somewhat lighter in colour than the heartwood, but is sometimes difficult to distinguish. The heartwood has a slightly bitter taste, but no noticeable odour.
Straight or cross-thread, or even an irregular thread.
Timber texture
Fine to moderately coarse.
Thin wood dries slowly with a slight tendency to form head cracks and moderate to severe tendency to warp. With thicker Piquia marfim wood, a lot of cracking occurs during drying.
10000 N Janka.
Considering the density, this type of wood is not difficult to machine. It has a moderate dulling effect on cutting tools. Due to the crosshair there is a risk of indentation, but with a correct cutting angle a smooth surface can be obtained. The wood can also be lathed and sanded well.
Difficult, pre-drilling is necessary.
Finishing of surface
Good. Moderately good to create a smooth finish.
Botanical name
Aspidosperma desmanthum
Origin area
Piquia Marfim hardwood grows in tropical Central America and South America.
Other names
Araracanga, kromanti kopi (Surinam).
Quality requirements
Piquia marfim is listed in the NEN 5493 'Quality requirements for hardwood in earth, road and hydraulic engineering works and other construction applications.
The Piquia Marfim trees reach up to 20-45 m with a diameter up to 90 cm. The trunks are 15-25 meters long.
Strength class
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